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Continuing Education

Training Schedule

Any of the topics listed will meet the Continuing Education requirements for the State of Washington.

Topic Code Description:         Topic Code Description
AL*NEW Alzheimer's Disease * REVISED DOD Dynamics of Disabilities
AQ *NEW Helping Those with Asthma & COPD to Breathe Better HEP Hepatitis
BM Behavior Modification HIV *NEW HIV/AIDS *REVISED
CA Caregiver Burnout/Elder Abuse MH *NEW Mental Health
CD Cultural Awareness ND Nurse Delegation (specialized class)
CPR CPR/First Aid NEUR Head Injury, Spinal Cord Injury & Stroke
CV Cardiovascular Disease NT Nutritional Insights: Healthy Eating, Healthy Aging
DC Dental Care POV Point of View: Assisting sight-limited clients
DDD *NEW Developmental Disabilities SCM Skin Care Management/Neurology
DEA Death & Dying TB Tuberculosis/Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureous
DM *NEW Diabetes Education *REVISED    


Class Start Date Topic Time & Duration Location
CEKMH100116 01/16/2010 MH SAT 8AM-7PM PRN, Kent
CEKAQ100130 01/30/2010 AQ SAT 8AM-7PM PRN, Kent
WCEAQ100121 01/21/2010 AQ THURS & FRI (1/21, 1/22) 8AM-1PM WEBINAR

 All classes are taught in English except those printed in bold.  If you need a class in a language not listed in bold, please make notes on the bottom of form.

      Please note that a different Continuing Education class must be taken each year following the Fundamentals of Caregiving class.  After requesting a class, you will receive a confirmation of registration by mail. We shall make every attempt to get you into one of the classes you request, in the order youíve indicated. If you do not receive a confirmation, then you are not scheduled for the class.

      For classes after the above dates, please complete the registration form below, leave the spaces for class choice blank, and make a note on the form requesting a schedule of classes that will be held later.

      PRN plans to provide every class listed, but periodically, due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather and road conditions, or few registrations, PRN has no alternative but to notify scheduled attendees that the class cannot be held as planned.


TUITION: Tuition is paid by WA State for AASA or DDD caregivers providing services under the MPCS, COPES or Chore programs only once, after which the caregiver is responsible for the tuition. Therefore, it is important to notify PRN if you will not be able to attend your scheduled class for any reason. For all other students, the tuition is $43 payable via money order only to: Professional Registry of Nursing, Inc. PRN will gladly accept payment by VISA or MasterCard - please call 1-800-776-1101 x3 to pay for classes with your credit card.

PRN: 1-800-776-1101 x3

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REGISTRATION:  Continuing Education

Please complete and mail to: P.R.N., 310 N. Meridian, Suite 210, Puyallup, WA  98371

Name (First, MI, Last): ___________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City: ____________________________________ State:  ________  Zip:  __________________

Day Phone:  _________________________  Evening Phone:  ___________________________

Clientís Name:  _________________________________________________________________

Case Managerís Name_____________________________________ County________________

Class Choice in order of preference (Ex: CES4)  #1 _________    #2  _________    #3  _________ /

Revised 1/07/2009                                            PLEASE FILL IN ALL THREE CHOICES

This project received State and General funding from Aging and Disability Services of King County, Pierce County Human Services Aging and Long-Term Care, the Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging and the Southwestern Agency on Aging.